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Nano coating material developed and produced by SMT GmbH is a high quality ultra thin coating system based on nano-scale SiO2 and TiO2. The coated surface is strong influenced and refined by the use of the material, awards the surface a lot of positive effects: high hydrophobic, strong anti-adhesion, high abrasion resistance and high resistance to chemicals. The coating formed by polymerization of SiO2 and TiO2 molecules, a solid chemical compound to the substrate enables outstanding resistance to abrasion. The ultra thin coating has a thickness of 100-200 nm, transparent, does not affect the appearance.



>>  Strong hydrophobility and anti-stick properties, excellent easy-to-clean effect

>>  Food-safe, environment-friendly

>>  Extreme UV stableweather resistant

>>  Good chemical-resistant (PH<13)

>>  Strong abrasion-resistance

>>  Good antimicrobial properties

>>  Breathable

>>  Long lifetime up to several years



    Green Technology

    Made in Germany















Surface protection and improvement for various materials and products: glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, textile, wood and mineral surface (natural stone, concrete, brick, etc.)



The product is suitable for industry as well as private application, easy application in the do-it-yourself.

Industrial application: with injection technology, in coating processes

Manual: Application through circular movements with clean cotton-, linen- or microfiber-cloth.

The complete networking of nano coating takes place after 24 hours, the easy-to-clean effect can only be tested after hardening.



Die Nanotechnologie ist eine Schlüsseltechnologie des Jahrhunderts 21. Nach der Einschätzung von wirtschaftspezialisten wird die Hälfte der Weltprodukte durch Nanotechnologie beeinflusst…



Through continuing innovative research and develop, we provide our customers real nano products based on newest nano technology. Often the hydrophobic effects of nano product are simulated by addition of silicone solution, fluorocarbon or similars. Those materials will be decomposed by the action of sunlight in the short time, thus loses the hydrophobic effect can not provide long-time protection and easy-to-clean properties.

Our nano-coating is breathable, will not affect the porosity of the product surface.



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